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Green Choice

Le Nouveau Chef is not only known for its high quality and innovative designs, but Le Nouveau Chef is also the leading brand regarding the use of sustainable fabrics for both chef- and service wear. Even though sustainability is a top of mind topic these days, it is still hard to find sustainable fabrics which are meeting the requirements of the hotel- and restaurant industry (like durability, maximum comfort, colour fastness and suitable for industrial laundry). Along with our partners in the industry we are continuously researching the best possibilities to develop sustainable yarns.

After years of hard work and evaluating yarns and fabrics, we are proud to introduce our Green Choice Collection. All products in this collection are (partly) made of sustainable fabrics, which ensures you that you have bought a high quality piece of garment which is, mainly, produced by respecting the natural resources of our planet.

Green Choice Collection


TENCEL® is a sustainable produced fibre made of Eucalyptus wood which is extracted from responsible managed forests with official FSC certification. The solvent used during the production of TENCEL® is recycled by almost 100%. And a minimum amount of water is used during the process (compared to cotton only 1% water is used). For TENCEL® they developed a process of chlorine-free bleaching. TENCEL® is therefore completely biodegradable. TENCEL® received the ‘European award for Environment’ from the European Union for their unique production process. Besides sustainability the benefits of Tencel ® are particularly well suited for chef’s wear: high moisture absorption and reduced bacterial growth.

To make our contribution to a sustainable one world, Le Nouveau Chef is planning in collaboration with Original Beans a tree for every chef’s jacket made with Tencel; One Jacket, One Tree.

One jacket one tree

The Fairtrade standard for textile guarantees a fair price for farmers and environmentally friendly cotton cultivation. Fairtrade products must meet strict standards to give farmers price guarantees and to ensure good working conditions for employees. The Fairtrade programme does not only focus on fair trade, but they also have strict rules to protect environment and nature.

Organic cotton
Organic cotton is produced and certified to organic agricultural standards. The production sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people by using natural processes rather than artificial inputs. Organic cotton farming does not allow the use of toxic chemicals, like pesticides, or genetically modified organisms.

Recycled PET Polyester
With this method Plastic bottles, made from PET, are recycled into Polyester. This is a source of plastic that would otherwise go to landfill and would create pollution. During the process it causes less air, water and soil contamination compared to the use of non-recycled polyester.