Washing instructions


Follow this washing instructions exactly and you will ensure the life and performance of your garment.

Before usage
Before using the garment we advise to wash the clothes on 30°C on a short program with a small amount of washing powder, otherwise grease stains will be difficult to remove. Choose a grease-regenerative program. Use the washing label inside for next washes.

General instruction

Don’t overload the washing machine for the best result. The clothing will be less damaged and cleaner this way.

Clothing with buttons and/or zippers
Turn the jacket inside out before washing and close the zipper or buttons. This prevents damage on zipper and buttons.
Highly contaminated clothing!

Macerate your highly contaminated white clothing in Biotex for a night and then run a prewash + normal washing program on 40°C or 60°C. You’ll get the optimal result by using more washing powder in the prewash than in the normal washing program. To remove grease stains use the 40°C and 60°C for fruit and vegetables stains. Always thoroughly rinse. After the rinse and spin you dry the cloths hanging for the best results.

Coloured clothing
Always separate white and coloured clothing.

100% Infinity clothing
We advise to wash at 30°C when clothing is made of 100% infinity like our vest aprons. When the garment is a combination of colours we strongly advise the use of special wipes to protect against colour bleeding.

Printed clothing:
• Don’t wash warmer than 40°C
• Chlorine bleach and chemical cleaning is not permitted
• Don’t use a dryer to dry the cloths
• Never iron imprints
• When in doubt contact Le Nouveau Chef for advice

If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know.