Hybrid Stretch: a new standard
in comfort and performance.

We are ready to move, are you?

Innovation, expertise and sustainability come together in our new Hybrid Stretch collection. The new standard in design, freedom of movement and performance. Organic cotton and recycled polyester form the sustainable blend for our new Hybrid Stretch fabric, born from 35 years of experience and made for movement.

A brand new look

The Jasper & Tokyo, a suit for chefs with a new silhouet and fit. The Jasper is a long chef jacket inspired by an African tunic. This combined with the Tokyo creates a contemporary look, that’s innovative for the kitchen.


About the material

Our Hybrid Stretch material is a result of a 35 years innovation process in the field of fabrics and a close collaboration with one of our European suppliers. This revolutionary and high performance stretch fabric is ideal for the professional chef because it offers an unprecedented level of freedom of movement and can be washed at high temperatures. What we are most proud of is the sustainable character of this fabric, which is composed of 100% sustainable ingredients such as Bio-cotton and recycled polyester.

“We are very proud of our new collection. We always want to offer the chef something new and better and this collection feels like the next step.”

- Paul van Luipen, CEO


Hybrid Stretch collection


Hybrid Stretch
Chef Jacket Jason White
Hybrid Stretch
Pants Tokyo Deep Blue
Hybrid Stretch
Chef Jacket Jason Black
Hybrid Stretch
Pants Tokyo Black
Hybrid Stretch
Chef Jacket Jason Deep Blue
Hybrid Stretch
Chef Jacket Jasper Black
Hybrid Stretch
Chef Jacket Jasper Deep Blue